FIVE ‘’S” NUCLEUS : The Fundamentals of Indian Culture


The Women Development Cell (WDC) of PGDAV College (Eve.) in collaboration with MEDHAVINI SINDHU SRIJAN, in the process of celebrating 60 years of academic excellence of the college, organized a talk on INDIAN CULTURE AND YOUTH’S PERSPECTIVE on March 14, 2018 ; in which eminent and dynamic personalities such as, Dr. Pratyush Vatsala, Principal, Lakshmibai College, Dr. Jyoti Rana, Associate Professor, DAV Centenary College Faridabad, Ms. Preeti Malhotra, Convener of Medhavini Sindhu Srijan and Ms. Sunita Bhatia, Convener of Sharanya, shared their experiences and perspective regarding Indian Culture, its role and how today’s youth can lead a better and peaceful life, by not merely knowing but also adhering to the values of our inheritance.
All the guests were honored with a momento signifying ‘’ ’’and the talk was started with the lightening of the lamp.

Dr. R.K.Gupta, Principal of the college, talked about FLEXIBILITY AND DYNAMISM as one of the key characteristics of our culture and how INTROSPECTION can help one to be alive and to improve functioning in dynamic environment.

Ms. Preeti Malhotra, addressed the gathering by saying that ‘’ for succeeding in this competitive environment, Social and Moral Development is the key ‘’ , that also directly helps in realizing the true spirit of Indian Culture.
Dr. Jyoti Rana, meticulously described a FIVE ‘’S” LAYERED NUCLEUS Theory, indicating Indian Culture, through which one can realize the ultimate goal of life – Self Realization. The theory comprises SANSKAAR, SAMANVYA, SNEH, SEHEJTA, SAHANSHEELTA depicting, Indian values, unconditional acceptance, love and sacrifice, being natural, patience for learning to be silent(Maun) respectively.

Dr. Pratyush Vatsala, talked about the religious aspect given in the Vedas and defined SPIRITUAL BELIEFS as the common thread that connects the diversified Indian Culture. Where spirituality doesn’t mean trusting blindly, but, she defined it as pragmatic questioning (irrelevant of age), that makes one to see beyond the visible surface and to realize the unrealized, True Being. She also said that, today’s youth has to be gentle, full of discretion, energetic and must learn HOW TO THINK, whereas these qualities can be indulged by GYAN YOG, KARMA YOG, accepting the concept of VASUDHEV KUTUMBAKAM and spiritual uplifting; as per the guiding sources of our culture.

The same is also directed by the UNESCO as ‘’learning to Know’’, ‘’learning to do’’ , ‘’learning to live-together’’ and ‘’learning to Be’’ respectively.
At the end, Dr. Rukmini, Convener of the WDC, concluded the talk by proposing a vote of thanks and expressed gratitude and respect for invited guests, Dr. R.K. Gupta, faculty members and students of the college and emphasized upon the fact that mare knowing Indian Culture, that focuses on TYAAG unlike Western Culture of BHOG, is not enough.

Understanding it with analytical quotient and accepting the inheritance with proud only, can help in the upliftment of the Youth and therefore making the nation to proceed towards becoming ‘’VISHWA-GURU’’ again.


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